All 50 of Alexandre Lacazette's Premier League goals

تم نشره في 2021/04/15
He's entered the top 10 Arsenal goalscorers in the Premier League and now you can sit back and enjoy all 50 of Alexandre Lacazette's goals to date.
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  • 2:06 peep the guy falling lol

  • He should be called up for france! Instead of giroud

  • the times Ozil played was the best, sorry his career got ruined ;-(

  • Alex is MASSIVELY underrated, please don't make the same mistake as with Giroud, and renew his contract. Also a better leader & mentor than Aubameyang.

  • Thank you Jesus and congratulation! Älexandria. Praise the Lord! Amen.

  • Lacazette its great

  • Lacazette can score nice goals

  • Half these goals would have offside lines graffitied all over them if they were scored today.

  • RIP Arsenal FC 1886-2021

  • Disgraceful decision with regards to the super league

  • lacazette is la branlette

  • arsenal ? 11 fkn goats !!! that is arsenal

  • Need one now against fulham dont worry about past goals come onnnnnnnnnnn

  • clinical ice cold big game player french emile heskey they said?

  • Should've been one minute for one goal man. Including the buildup, celebration and fans reaction.

  • Syeikh Puji

  • laca is good.he does not even expect he is gonna score but they still enter

  • And hes hitting form again, gotta love it!

  • 2:29 that was so satisfying especially since the slide stopped right as he touched the white line

  • So much class🔥🔥🔥

  • He has scored quite a number of goals against Tottenham, then Liverpool and Chelsea.

  • Laca laca boom boom!!!

  • Ramsey, lacazette, ozil and alexis was a joy to watch

  • Next open mic Alexander Lacazette please

  • It is remarkable how many of his goals are in crowded penalty Areas , he has great straight and balance for close work and since saka and smith Rowe have come onto the team he is ,,AND will flourish. . ARTETA should keep lacazzette he is the ideal player with ,saka PEPE smith Rowe and ODEGAARDE creating ,he will deliver in the box ..I would like a comparison made of in the box scores in the prem... Bet LACCA is way up there.

  • A lot of amazing goals👍 background music so good✨

  • underrated

  • Angles

  • The man who slipped in 2:06 Hahahahahaaaa

  • What a cool Video

  • Good video ruined by music again.

  • On course for his best season this year at The Arsenal.

  • Laca and Kane one of the most complete strikers not only in the prem, but in Europe, they very excellent with both feet and head, and both are ice cold from the spot, bit only one gets the appreciation he desrves

  • Ramsey love to assist to Lacazette in this clip. I don't mind if arteta brings back ramsey to play 433 with ramsey agreeing to cut his wage. 433 with Leno, hakimi, holding, mari, KT, Partey, Ramsey RCM, Xhaka LCM, Martinelli LW, Lacazette, Saka will be good. With subs : Ryan, Saliba/Gabriel, Cedric, new lb, ESR, Odegaard, Aubameyang. Delicious 😋

  • Name of song?

  • I love that as soon as they upload this he scores 2 against slavia prague same day

  • Ozils last assist :(

  • Arsenal heroooooooo 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ we luv u lacaaaa

  • We love you Laca 😍

  • His all 50 goals represents my 4 years of engineering from 2017-2021

  • Let's go lacazette

  • He is the platform that has allowed Hale End to express itself. The next striker must obviously be clinical but they must also possess this ability to link and combine.

  • And lemme add that we must keep this guy at all costs. Idc if he doesn't play, merely seeing him in our squad, lineups, training sessions makes me unbelievably happy. I'm undoubtedly his biggest fan ever!

  • His celebrations are just out of this world. There should be an award/global recognition for it. I don't know if you guys can make a sort of compilation of it. 🙏 🙏 Would absolutely make my year!

  • such an underated player, people who understand football will know just how good this guy is, oozes class. One of my favourite arsenal players ever.

  • Put some respect on his name 👏👏

  • Great striker great pro great attitude no bs. He's everything they'd hope Aubameyang would be and yet he's under appreciated

  • Am really proud of him i like watching him play

  • Laca has scored some bangers💥

  • 🤗🦾🤗🦾🤗🦾🤗🦾

  • Satisfying moment : 2:32


  • Every good football fans thinks Lacazette is a great player : Good ball retention, good movement in small spaces, good finish, good head play, good shoot, good vision, easily manages to turn over. For me he is a great striker and he's criminally underrated, I thinks he deserved to play for a top Europe team

    • People will only realize he importance once he goes to a different club. Probably similarly to Gnabry case excep for the age

  • What I would give to hear a sold out emirates celebrate an arsenal goal again 😔

  • My guy ❤️🙌

  • A lot of the fanbase want to see him sold. If Arsenal have any sense, they should offer him a new 2 year contract... He's still a bloody good player !

  • Any chance of a nice static pitch side camera version so we can actually see the goals.....?

  • So many were assisted by Rambo.

  • Scored Two more goals today. My striker

  • He is really working hard 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Class

  • The knee sliding celebrations, he always stops right on the sideline 👌

  • Pure Quality ! It would be cool to see him score 100 + for the famous 🔴⚪

  • This guy has been the unsung hero of this dying club for the past few seasons. Keep him at all cost !

  • 50 goals in 4 years is egregious. Remember we paid 55mn for him in 2017. What a colossal waste of a signing. Please sell him this summer while he still looks like a professional striker.

  • Well done Laca bloodclart zette

  • He's soo much better for the younger players, he's a leader for the the young guns and he's less caught up in the celebrity of football unlike Auba, he's definitely a better role model for team

  • i see Ozil and i miss him so much😭

  • Good ebening return to Emirates!

  • Imagine Ramsey and Ødegaard

  • Add 2 More!

  • Laca looks a lot like kid cudi

  • Some of Lacazette's off the ball work is superb and he really doesn't get the credit he deserves, slightly underrated IMO. He is a big game player and has scored some brilliant & big goals for us. To some fans, they just want to look at stats, stats, stats... Which never tells the whole story!

  • Hair is temporary. Class is permanent

  • Laca Boom

  • *Superb* ❤️❤️❤️

  • He is an average striker along with Aubameyang. They miss many good chances. Nontheless, I love his work ethics and leadership on the front line. Martinelli someday will fill the void of RVP. COYG.

  • Please Arteta don’t get Tonight wrong .Good luck ,Arsenal ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤲

  • The video made me dizzy not the best editing

  • All of these angles do not allow us to admire the beauty of his goals!!

  • Did you have to give us the shittiest camera angles possible?

  • LacaBOOM⚽⚽🔥

  • Classic man LACAZETTE 🔥✔

  • He's been so good this season. Hella disrespected.

  • Fox in the box

  • He's an amazing player, intelligent striker. Maybe he's not the most prolific center forward. But his work rate, short and long pass association, set pieces, intelligent moves backwards the goal and inside the box, makes him a really valuable player. He's the kind of player who makes teams play the game in a better way. I hope to see him more in the False 9 role. Congratulations Lacazette.

  • My goat🕺

  • Laca needs more respect on his name!!

  • Took his time getting there doh

  • آرسنال Arsenal❤❤❤❤

  • Underrated. Been our best ST this season. Congratulations Lacazette 🎉

  • Laca has most definitely seen them come see them go. I for one hope he gets another two year contract and then a rolling 12 monthly.

  • It's so good to see laca scoring good goals while being coached by arsen wenger

  • so wierd to see ozil,sanchez,ramsey,monreal and others

  • 18/19 laca😍😍😍

  • very good strikeeeeeeeeer but arteta took way too long to see, dropped for no reason earlier in the season big mistake ateta big mistake.or just plain favoritism 4 willian and nketia.

  • This is the question gooners Auba or Laca who's 50 goals has been more impressive👀👀???

  • ❤️

  • Scored against: Spurs ✅ Chelsea ✅ Liverpool ✅ Man United ✅ Man City ✅ Big game player.

  • And still you wanna sell him