EVERY TOUCH | Thomas Partey | Sheffield United vs Arsenal (0-3) | Premier League

تم نشره في 2021/04/13
Sit back and watch every touch from Thomas Partey in our 0-3 Premier League victory over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.
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  • Yed

  • What a master class from Thomas Partey...Wow


  • If Xhaka play fwd more Arsenal would be way better instead of playing to Leno

  • partey in a single pivot is a bit of a turn on

  • That assist...oh Lawd!!

  • It looks like he's more comfortable playing the 6 ALONE..........

    • Against Slavia, that's what I concluded. It even seemed he played the midfield alone.

  • I think he needs a goal to properly start off his Arsenal Career. Been okay though

  • Always watching him

  • before lacca scored,man he looked like Henry

  • Partey's assist was superb.

  • The 3rd goal that Partey passed was wonderful it didn't touched any player before it got to Lacazette brilliant played.

  • Partey is a great player. Hope he will play.against Slavia

  • Arsenal must get Bellingham right now!!

  • We need to know the first eleven of Arteta

  • Partey should be more offensive than defensive, in my opinion.

  • Good work Ars

  • I heartey Partey

  • He was a so powerful👍🏻

  • Is that bukayo on GK? 😂😂 COYG

  • He hasn't been fit at all this season . Riddled w injuries . But his class is permanent. We've seen what a monster he can be at 70% fitness Vs bigger , in form teams . Imagine what he's like at 100% fitness and with another powerful agile partner in the midfield. Get bissouma in asap

  • Chọt khe chảy nước lênh lán

  • What a delicious ball from partey.. 😋

  • Thomas is a machine at the MIDFIELD!!!

  • Aesthetic

  • Rolls Royce of a player.

  • we need to be consestant

  • His physical dominance is very important in the center!

  • Would like to see this guy score his first EPL goal

  • See how they are celebrating with win over Sheffield 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • The way he just casually brings the ball under control under pressure and goes past players with ease is so under appreciated

  • wow amazing..............

  • Him alone by him self would be the perfect Defensive midfielder

  • like song

  • This guy has magic touches.. he is so composed and his vision is brilliant. I love partey

  • I love the way Pablo Mari plays

  • Arteta out

  • Partey has calmness and spatial awareness that makes him a great footballer.

  • Need a shift like this on Thursday as our opponents haven't lost at home this season so we need a big effort. I'm confident we'll do it. COYG..

  • No tackles, just vibes😂🤩

  • Partey on 🔥🔥🔥🇬🇭👑

  • Win one game is like 5 games 😁😁😁😁

  • Weight of pass was perfect, Laca didn't even need a touch.

  • Arsenal...pls bring in Yves Bissouma and Jack Grealish (or Emiliano Buendía).....and you will get the very best of THOMAS TEYE PARETY !!!

  • He will score a premier league goal before the end of the season. Good play

  • Chambers keeps possession really well, and is composed

  • Not me watching this video just to see that turn

  • 0.52- great positioning and control but a wrong decision. he needs to play it simple in these areas.

    • @Radomir I see him do that a lot recently. I’m just saying he could just stop taking too many touches in these areas. He does everything else really well! It’s just my opinion, I think he is world class and prob the best Arsenal defensive mid in the team.

    • So cause he took "one shot" it was poor. I guess he must be perfect all the time!


  • Partey is wasted sitting deep and just ticking over possession, he needs to be in provocative situations, he's an instinctive player who thrives off of reactive instances.

    • Exactly, he should move forward

  • with all 💪 versus Slavia Praga

  • iam happiest for this change 9f attitude and actions of our Arsenal

  • gimme the bench cam

  • Hope Arsenal win the EL and sign Camavinga

  • 어시스트 예술이네^^

  • what could Luka Modrich have won if he hadn't left spurs for Real madrid?

  • Xhaka and party ia the best

  • i think this team selection looks balanced. just play it again on thursday. we need 3 at the back.

    • Would not work. Slavia will 5 men in midfield instead of 3 in the case of Sheffield's while pressing. Also only 1 man (instead of two) will be pressing so we will already have the man advantage in defense

  • good game by him but still not think that partey is at his peak performance right now, hope he will regain his atletico form asap

  • Complete!

  • We need to bare in mind that Partey is getting used to the premier and used to his teammates. I reckon if Arteta gets Bissouma to partner up with him, another LB or wingback, we could end up being a completely different force next season.

  • Томас ,я тебя обожаю .

  • Don’t let these idiot content creators fool you he has been good for us period

  • That pass from partey to Laca was nothing but hot knife through butter... Absolute beauty and breathtaking... Reminds me of Patrick viera... Same swagga.. Same confidence on the ball and always looks for the forward pass just like viera will always look to hook up Henry up front...well played boys👏👏

  • We beat 20th in the league and the media team pump out 4 youtube videos about it christ

    • @Sheikh Robbie so if u don't like it there is people who actually do so .. I see nothing wrong with enjoying a victory. football is supposed to be a fun thing at the end of the day

    • I said ‘we’, im an arsenal fan I am happy with the win, its just that the media team always do this as soon as something goes even slightly well. Before this we were without a win in what, 4/5 games, now after beating sheffy they milk it like mad

    • Your a cup half empty kind of guy just enjoy the win man, we’re a club with a family atmosphere

    • salty man utd fan .. what a shame .I know beating this team isn't that easy but no need to be so salty about it😅

  • Not even 3 minutes with the ball and makes such a difference. True arsenal player. Pass and go.

  • The players around him and the attackers don't understand his style of play. He's a forward looking or attacking minded player so the attackers has to move into space whenever he has the ball.

  • The best part is when he doesn't touch it 😂

  • Needs a more mobile next to him instead of xhaka. Respect xhaka is doing better now but we need more from midfield.

  • What a pass from thomas he need bissouma as partner

  • His ball control is the best. I have been reading comments in order that some fans are so weird. We scored but why till angry?

  • One of Europe's elite midfielders.

  • Man in ACTION ✊🏾

    • I like your dp 🇬🇭🇬🇭❤️❤️❤️ Parteyyyyyyy 😘

  • "People say good people die early ,but the fact is we start observing the good in them only after they die"

  • Pair him with Bissouma next season

  • What a signing

  • That play from Partey should start a fans only account.

  • Arsenal smashing it with these every touch videos! Just waiting for Leno's every touch video..

    • They won't lol stfu

  • Boss

  • He played very well in this match let's we win on Thursday

  • Thing is with Partey in this game is he was probably only playing at about 70% can’t wait to see him play consistently next season! Hopefully no injuries!

  • Starting to see the Partey we hoped we were getting a little more consistently.

  • He always look for that forward pass... He needs a proper forwards along with a proper DM with him... He is an intelligent player

    • @Zaid Bin Tariq that’s true I’m assuming only because we don’t have any other options in that position

    • @Andrew Wilson he is a box-to-box midfielder who plays a DM...

    • @Zaid Bin Tariq but he’s not a DM

    • @Rosshan J Berge > Bissouma

    • @OldLodgeGamers he probably shouldn’t have a partner per se, but 2 midfielders ahead of him as 8s. Tbh probably could play saka partey Esr in midfield if we really wanted to attack

  • Partey is not good enough

  • The thru-ball he made to Laca’ was a delight! It was beautiful! That’s a true definition of a Mid-Fielder!

  • Great through ball from Partey. Hopefully he keeps improving his passing and shooting

  • I hate the fact that people are now hating on us Arsenal fans for celebrating our team scoring. Sure its only Sheffield United but what are we supposed to do? Just sit there and not celebrate our team scoring?

    • I believe we Arsenal Fans are one resilient bunch. Every reason to celebrate we will take it.

    • I like the way Arsenal fans celebrated that goal against Slavia. The were soooo happy :-) Good luck today. You are a better team than FC racist Prague

    • @Thanh Long Le exactly, and that's why we should appreciate every win. Liverpool didn't win at home for 6 games against considerably lesser opposition. They sure would have celebrated a 3-0 win in any of those matches.

    • @OLAWALE OGUNLADE Because that is EPL , everything can happend

    • @Rúben Bernardo so why did the second best team in the premier league lose against them at home. 🙄

  • Imagine Partey - Bissouma partnership 🤯

  • Yo gunners

  • thomas partey's assist in the third goal was 🐐magnificent

  • That drop of shoulders and then the dummy from him and the line-splitting pass from him was so cold. Probably the highlight of his career at Arsenal so far. Let’s hope for another performance like this on Thursday

    • It was awesome. The rest of the highlights reel would have been very poor without that magic moment

    • @04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE yeah he is world class, since he moved to arsenal theyve won multiple world cups.

    • @The Stranger like against United

    • Looks good against relegation team but looks like a washed up player against mid table team.

    • thank you

  • super slavia

  • Mans a beast just gotta find him the perfect partner in the next window

    • @Wab Suli Berge > Bissouma

    • @Football Addict milan wouldn't let go one of their best players. Even if they do they would want a huge fee for Kessie.

    • No kessie

    • Bissouma hopefully

  • Partey 🔥

  • 1st number 1 arsenal fan!

  • First