EVERY TOUCH | Gabriel Martinelli | Sheffield United vs Arsenal (0-3) | Premier League

تم نشره في 2021/04/13
Enjoy every touch from Gabriel Martinelli as the Brazilian marked his return to the starting line-up with a goal in our convincing victory over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.
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  • We should keep Gabi, Bukayo and Tierny if we want young talent rises again in Arsenal, we need those spirit and style, they will grow and strong


  • Best youngster.

  • Saka, Martinelli, ESR: our three young attacking stars.

  • This kid has that elite mentality, always willing, Auba may be an top goalscorer but if Arteta gives Gaby what Emeru gave him he is going to expode like Saka did and won't look back, so its up to Arsenal to give show him the Direction

  • Does this mean he is going to play on Thursday?

  • Martinelli

  • His energy is so refreshing to see, great player!

  • I love how he's also an aerial support for the team

  • i cant see Willian doing this

  • I love this kid

  • Arteta will now bench him for 10 months

  • Tôi đánh giá rất cao tiềm năng của marti 1 tiền đạo cánh chịu khó hỗ trợ phòng ngự

  • Why this video isnt 1080p ... I aint even asking for 1080p 60 fps like liverpool channel Is that we become a midtable and cant afford 1080p ?

  • Martinelli is my favourite player he should start every week

  • Он рвёт и мечет жаждит забить

  • Mans covered for Xhaka so well, his fullback was never ahead of him and he wins so many headers unlike Auba who never supports the lb and never jumps for headers.

  • How come Auba never wins any of those headers ?

  • Our next King MartiHenry.

  • 0:16 im sorry but what an interception he was through

  • Because of his stlye of play I can understand why Arteta is using him sparingly. Let him build up his strength & stamina like he did with Saka, than we will have a player on our hands.

  • I love this fricking kid! He's going to light the premier league on fire as he plays more and gains more experience. We struck gold when we signed him, and we only paid a small fee for him.

  • Auba Saka Martinelli Esr Odegaard Partey party Saliba Gabriel Tierney Cedric

  • Make more vedios of him

  • Martinelli should start against Prague, at least with him you know what you are going to get; relentless energy, pace, pressing, off the ball movement, crossing and *shots at goal*. He merits a start for me on Thursday!

  • Leaving aside the intensity, movement and desire, he has won almost every header and kept possession. Another thing that Arsenal have been missing and Willian didn't provide.

  • Was really impressed with his heading in this game. Won a number of them in the second half

  • He has the energy to track back and defend unlike Auba.

  • Remind me alexis Sanchez 🔥

  • Aubameyang would have missed that shot no cap hahahaha

  • Messi has like 15 minutes of highlights from just one match.

  • Gabiiiiii

  • This boy is hungry, Mikel needs to feed him minutes. There is something special about him, not just talent but also desire, awareness, stamina, explosiveness, he is competing and winning headers against bigger opponents and lastly he is fully committed. I see this attitude amongst our younger players. Gabi, Saka, ESR, Martin, KT. Other squad players need to step up their game and attitude for Thursday. We must destroy them, no excuses

  • need to see more of him

  • Give this guy a chance to start in all the remaining games in epl cuz now we've nothing to lose in this moment and focus on uel instead

  • He works very hard defensively

  • 1:26 "Gabi, it's offside." Xhaka lol

  • Y’all soooo hyped about him, it would only leave you disappointed or over expecting

  • arsenal vs Fulem

  • That injury last season halted his progression, now he's back on course. Hopefully he starts on Thursday.

  • He deserves more minutes!

  • I love his passion and determination. Running and jumping at the ball like a mad man unlike disinterested Auba... I literally hate it when players can't be even bothered to win a header. Ozil was like that and Auba has been like that forever.

  • Hopefully he can combine Aubameyang's and Lacazette's strengths

  • Loved it when he tracked back to defend. Come on GABI!!!!

  • At the moment he should be given a chance ahead of auba.

    • I don't think it's Martinelli or Auba who shouldn't be on the left anyway, should be central striker if he plays. Prefer we play Gabi when we need pace and esr in matches where we need more creativity

  • Next Gen : Balogun Martineli - Smith Rowe - Saka

  • If Auba played, u wouldn’t be able to make such a video


  • This is signs that they play him on Thursday?

  • Give him the number 10

  • Arteta out

  • Like for the Martineli stay at Arsenal ❤️

  • Martinelli is a fighter

  • Plsss..try to play attacking in every match Abameyang is the fastest player and the best striker in the world

  • jogou muito. se tiver algum brasileiro lendo isso. curte aih e visite meu canal :)

  • Has to get a run of starts now. Has to.

  • Martinelli saka and esr will be the future for us gunners

  • he attacks and defence

  • Has to start on Thursday

  • Get rid of auba

  • 아스널 이 자식들 조회수 빨줄 아네~~ 더 열심히 일해라!!😆

  • 1 spurs fan dislikes 🤣

  • I'm not watching the game in Thursday if this guy is not in the starting 11.

  • Please START Gabi on Thursday Mikel!

  • 0:31 he could have cross it No matter he is something 🥰

    • theyve got too many in box plus no major height, be far too risky

  • I hope Mikel sees this... 🤞🏼

  • His workrate, intensity, hunger, energy and discipline are similar to Tierney. He should actually play every game from now on. I was hoping he gets a goal coz his game was so good and he did get one though he could scored more.

  • He offers defensively much more , his work rate is far better than auba

  • Already better than Mbappe

  • Thursday night Martinelli must start. Pepe - Saka - Martinelli Laca

    • @Jack Bell Don’t know why we always get injuries. Just before the international break everyone was fit. Now, KT, MØ11, ESR & Luiz are all injured.

    • So dependent on injuries but I do think we need pace against them so prefer Martinelli and pepe to start on the wings. If Saka not fully fit and odegaard is then he goes in the 10.

  • better than willian whole season

  • You know it's peak when the media, the whole fanbase and even Arsenal-media is putting pressure on Arteta to start Martinelli on Thursday.

  • I mean c'mon if you were getting the time as martinell has wouldn't you ask for a loan or a transfer i also love how patient he is i would never be as patient as him

    • He's 19 and the club helped him recover after a very serious injury. I wish he had played more but if that ankle turn had been serious there would have been some saying he needs to be protected more.

  • I almost collapsed when he went down injured 😭😭 GABI 🔥💙

  • No dislikes. Shows fans' expectations of this guy

  • Martinelli the next Ronaldo Delima 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabiiii 🙌💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • FC.Gabriel Martinelli

  • Martinelli is a real solid Gold talent of Arsenal recently

  • Play him on Thursday he deserves it

  • Starting lineup vs. Prague on Thursday. ___________________________________ Martinelli. Lacazette Pepe Ceballos. Partey Xhaka Soares Holding Mari. Bellerin

    • @Pierre Degaré Exactly. Yes. Xhaka sits and drops into defence when others go fwd. Partey is athletic and can drives fwd.

    • @Realist Gooner Xhaka doesn't have running ability like Partey?

    • Swap Partey and Xhaka.

  • He’s the GOAT in my books

  • イケメン

  • Martinelli’s off the ball movement is amazing‼️ If you look you can see he is always showing energy, pressing and finding space when his teammates have the ball to give them options.

    • thank you

    • Trust me and his attitude and application towards his work defensively winning his duels he’s just fearless just hope he continues to get opportunities

    • Whereas that fraud willian just jogs. Arteta better play Gabi against slavia....

  • If he maintains this level of performance in the next game as well it would be difficult for Arteta to play willian ahead of him.

  • Absolute baller!

  • like him and deserves game time but overrated

  • You should do a ceballos one of these he was class

  • Hes too good 🔥

  • If only saka was fully fit and esr was playing 🔥

    • If only KT not injured. Imagine the left flank with KT & Gabi bossing around

    • Like against Chelsea

  • Love arsenal 🔴

  • Gabi is a great header of the ball and hes 511

  • Start him on Thursday and win

  • Hopefully Gabi starts on Thursday

  • Jokes Aside this guy is very determined and offers something unique to the squad, I feel more confident if you start Martinelli than Auba based on recent form

    • thank you

    • What jokes?

    • %100. you can always take him off it he isn't playing good but when is Martinelli not playing good? guy is a beast

    • Who made jokes to even begin with?

  • Martinelli Appreciation Button:

  • We have to start him for Thursday. Unless he has any sort of knock, there is no excuse for not starting him..

  • Playing gabi on the left will be incredible for his development. I think its clear his future is as a centre forward due to his willingness to drop deep, link up, and his prowess for goal but playing on the left will help him with his decision making and crossing

    • @Jarvis let us test this on Thursday with saka lb martinelli lw pepe rw balogun central striker

    • thank you

    • Or we keep him on the left saka on the right and balogun central

    • I do think the positional side of the game is what Arteta wants him to work on. Gabi's energy to be involved is amazing but in the Xhaka video you can hear him directing him to stay in position. Got so much talent though and if you have players around him who can help him he will continue to improve.

    • And dribbling.

  • What was the formation was it 2 in the same game or some 3 back? Anyway i hope martinelli plays on Thursdays also laca needs to be clinical

  • Gabi has to start on Thursday and all of our remaining games. His pressing and intensity is incredible and he is a poacher in the box.❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍