Post-match reaction | Arsenal vs Liverpool (0-3) | The Breakdown LIVE

تم نشره في 2021/04/ 3
Join the crew from The Breakdown as they react to our defeat to Liverpool at Emirates Stadium.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.



  • Martinelli has to leave the arsenal. Have to go to Real Madrid! Arsenal are a mediocre team!

  • Arteta Out end of season I hope with no disaster ,Arteta can’t manage Arsenal and big legacy getting trashed from invincibles to invisible and boring again . Arsenal 4ever ♥️♥️💯♥️♥️⚽️

  • Some days the players who played extremely well against extremely difficult sides like Leicester and Spurs, or played well in the second half against a high-flying West Ham, or the away leg against Olympiacos, turn up. Other days the player who performed abysmally against Olympiacos at home, or the first half against West Ham, or got ran over last night, turn up. It would be nice if the club could tell us in advance which versions are turning up so we can decide if we want to watch or not. Tell the manager as well. People are having a go at him, but I don't think he told them to deliberately play that awfully last night. I understand that Liverpool are a great side, and our squad is in the middle of a rebuild, and we were missing key players but self-respect has to be thing out there on the pitch. Maybe players who only play well once in a while, should get paid only once in a while. You can't put Rocky on the programme and then play like that. It's practically blasphemous.

  • We are now faced with the possibility of both Luiz and Tierney being out for our UEL quarters and semis should we progress. Arteta has some serious thinking to do. We don't have natural cover at left back and no surprise that as Tierney went off all 3 Liverpool goals came down that side against Cedric. I would revert to Saka at left back moving forward and Marí has to play, Holding is not good enough as that right sided CB. Everyone pretending he is can stop with the English bias

  • Why can't chambers not play as a centre back in holding's position and cedric as a right back .Holding poor

  • I'll not watch any arsenal match without saka,tierney and emile smith rowe. Enough of M.eleny,holding,pepe and also william despite not playing . Odegaard is best playing with the younsters saka and emile smith rowe. Sadly Partey does not have a good partner . For me laca is good but he did not have the ideal support in front. What has happened to auba???? Tactics, formation and some players must change for the better.😔😯🙁☹😦😟😞😕😩😰🤕

  • 3 Things we've learned from today 1, We cannot score 2, We cannot defend 3, We were boring

  • No ESR and no Saka = nothing going forward. Unbelievable that we rely on 2 youngsters like that. And for all the flaws of Luiz and Xhaka the team looks really poor without them playing. And Ryan has to be tried in goal now, Leno is in shocking form.

  • It wasn't about missing players, it was about poor tactics, getting over run in midfield.

  • A good manager would see that we were losing the midfield battle and would have made a tactical change. But Arteta saw it all unfold and didn't understand what was needed. Amateur hour at the Emirates. He needs to hire a tactician to join his team, cause he hasn't a clue. And if he hasn't seen how poor Rob Holding is by now then we have no hope.

  • 😂😂😂3-0

  • Auba was terrible... He is not the type of player who can carry the ball from a box to the other. He needs to play centrally or not play at all. And personally i'd rather play Lacazette.

  • I’m not being funny but why was Bellerin not in this game surely he had fitness to play this game pissed me off but not as much as usual.😂 Liverpool are a good team if we won amazing but I think every Arsenal fan was expecting a draw but as we diddnt get one disappointing

  • Y'all got the nerves to post highlights. Even Chelsea n Man city now big clubs. Arsenal fans need refund from since 2000 . Where's our money huh. Keep up the dumb stuff. If you an Arsenal fan still supporting by next season you gotta to be straite dumb or mad. We are done . Fans plz boycott this club asap. Plz. This is beyond ridiculous.LY'all got the nerves to post highlights. Even Chelsea n Man city now big clubs. Arsenal fans need refund from since 2000 . Where's our money huh. Keep up the dumb stuff. If you an Arsenal fan still supporting by next season you gotta to be straite dumb or mad. We are done . Fans plz boycott this club asap. Plz. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • Iam kerala

  • No experience coach and overpaid players useless bunch. No brains for football.

  • We were well beaten. Agree with AC that Liverpool’s aggressive and effective press seems reasonably to have swung the game in their favour. Despite that it was good to see Pepe stepping up. He seemed much more robust and energetic than before. Proof too about having players with good ball control when faced with a heavy pressing side - like Odegaard and Ceballos. To have come away with something, we’ll have needed them to capitalise on the small margins of room Liverpool left. It’s very quick and precise passing with mobility of the players to get into space to receive the ball. To string 3-4 consecutive passes. Tough to do but if we did, it’d have changed the complexion of the game. Conversely, it seems like another middling game for Partey. Hope the coaching staff can work with him over the summer for next season. Nowhere near the hype surrounding him and what he will bring when he signed. I won’t mind dropping Partey to the bench for the rest of the season. Hope KT will be OK. He has made massive contributions and we need him in this tail end. What he brings can be a difference maker no doubt. Focus on EL. It’s winnable and a massive way to get back into CL finally. Big jump in prize money.

  • Hi arteta yes you can apologize to the family fans very poor and poor not need to learn this game auba pépé laca what they doing on the field disappointed one more time

  • I don't know when this team going to change the attitude like a big team, we have to use Ryan, Leno always had a chance to block all of he conceded goals

  • O Arteta Embarrassing, throw away players who have been diarsenal for a long time who do not have a champion mentality, players who are sedjana and stupid players!one of them : Ceballos OUT Back To Madrid & Lacazette OUT SELL!

  • Time to start Ryan for the rest of the season, Leno needs to be dropped... Shambolic, Abysmal and Embarrassing performance by Arsenal today... schoolboy defending, couldn't keep the ball, no supply for the front 3... The players should be ashamed with this performance. 12 league defeats in the league is unacceptable... The score flattered Liverpool... We have to bin the majority of these players this summer end of...

  • 👎👎👎

  • Когда выигрывать будем?

  • I remember the days I used to be a proud Arsenal fan

    • When the jersey number 14 was something...

  • I’m also having a post match breakdown

  • Big dig head mr Spanish

  • That was not our chance though Arsenal were suppose to be on top i don't know what is happening with them for the last 5 seasons 🤔 😳 we really need to upgrade to be better place

  • What a useless team, coach, auba

  • Xhaka >> Ceballos

  • Auba should have been closer to Trent on the first decisive goal.

  • Uba is not a left back 😡

  • Of course Liverpool decided to show up again after 5 months or so.

  • U cant have 3 shots in 90 minutes I back the guy but it was artetas fault he had the team too deep

  • It must be the colours of the training kits nr 176 this season, I’m sure you will use the right colours next weekend and we ll be back in top 4, in fact we are gone win the league, in the championship.

  • Come on Arsenal! I still support you Arteta

  • shocking to see

  • Arteta Out!!

  • Arsenal keep repeating same mistake a very disappointing match why now😔😥

  • Everything is wrong at this club.Aubameyang is not a captain, Arteta is drowning in this job u can see it in his eyes

  • where was he??????

  • no xhaka no win

  • Shocking players get them out


  • None of those players are fit to wear the shirt. Partey is a passenger. Auba is the new Ozil. Gabriel when pressed by quality players folds. No heart, or fight. Garbage. Sack the board!

  • Gabriel and Partey did well the rest were a shame to watch.

  • start Ryan instead of Leno...leno feels he's guaranteed a starting in every game

    • Because on his day Leno is better on his day Leno is one of the best in league

  • I said it before and I'm still gonna say it again...sending unai Emery wasn't the best for us...he is a better coach than Arteta

  • Arteta out

  • We missed Xhaka and saka

  • Gervinho on the bench.

  • Crap total crap

  • The players showed how much they cared for Cluade.

  • Please, ARSENAL Enforce The TEAM By Buying: The Very Strong Defender Leader, The Very Strong Play-Maker, The Two Very Strong Strikers Who Are Compatible With AUBAMEYANG & LACAZETTE????.

  • The fact you still carried the audacity to post this video is just disgusting for your own selves

  • Пацаны, вообще ребята!

  • Typical Arsenal, they will lose everything. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Atrocious today. No fight or passion or anything from the players. They were all diabolical apart from Partey who was decent

    • @Pradhan it's both. Nobody seemed to care and they were all diabolical apart from Partey

    • It was not about the lack of fight but the woeful lack of quality. None of them apart from Partey were capable of keeping the ball for 5 secs.

  • Very disgraceful and embarrassing performance

  • Premier League record in charge of Arsenal... Unai Emery... - Games: 51 - Wins: 25 - Draws: 13 - Losses: 13 Mikel Arteta... - Games: 50 - Wins: 21 - Draws: 12 - Losses: 17 Please explain how does this justify a suitable replacement? This team is so far away from the Arsenal I fell in love with. I don't really feel connected to the gameplay or any of these players, except the youngsters, none of them play for the badge.

    • W/D/L doesn't really explain the whole story.

  • Shame on u Arteta Having this selfish Aubamenyag in the pitch and keeping the teenage out is u foult Without Saka Martinille Rowe Terny We are nothing

    • @Yussuf Duale Ok, so you're blaming Arteta for the loss for not playing Martinelli, despite the fact that we were absolutely dreadful defensively. Also Gabriel and Holding were our best cb partnership at one point, what are you talking about?

    • @Stumpt Dragon5 iam bleaming arteta b/c instead of Auba if he give chance to martinille it was better Also this usless Holding is nothing him and Gabriel will never understand each other

    • Saka and Emile are injured so he couldn't play them. Martinelli should be playing more and Nelson isn't really good enough and not dependable on, and neither is Auba right now but he's still our go to man that is most likely to score. Also how you're blaming all this on Arteta when errors were made by Gabriel, how bad Ceballos/Elneny was and how useless most of our attack was is incredible. And we are nothing including the players you've listed so what exactly is your point?

  • Fed up

  • You guys should just keep quiet. What are you analysing?you guys are smiling? Are you kidding?

  • Stupid game today n auba also

  • I wonder what Leno is still doing in Arsenal. Just an awful keeper. Very terrible shotstopper.

  • Arteta out, captain Travis Scott and Ceballos out. This is an absolute disgrace

  • Ceballos auba pepe are jokes

    • @It'sAlwaysHardBeingAnArsenalFan Are you saying that Auba has carried us since he came? Because January 2021 is 3 years since he came. And I know that he has to carried us since this season started

    • Ceballos maybe. Auba has carried us for three seasons so no. Pepe has played well in every game he’s played this year except today

  • Arteta has got away with not having fans in the ground. I don’t believe he understands how frustrated the fan base is...........I’m guessing once fans return to the ground he will find out

    • Do you go to matches? I'm only asking because when the 2,000 fans were allowed back in, those fans weren't on Arteta's back for playing Willian. And that was when Willian was playing really bad. Every reporter that's goes to that game, and many podcasters that goes to the games, said that match day fans act differently than those online.

    • @Joycie16 No, I'm just not deluded and stupid like you. Arteta got it wrong today but the players are mainly to blame.

    • Arteta fan boy I guess 👍🏻

    • How are you seriously blaming all this on Arteta? You are a joke

  • Terrible performance. Never looked like we were going to score. All on the Europa League now

  • Embarrassing performance... We go in every game thinking we are the underdog and never take it to teams and press. Had enough of these tactics

  • 9th in April uno, and people say if it wasn’t for “October and November we’d be 3rd”. If my auntie had balls she’d be my uncle

  • Loser haha

  • Arteta & 95% of the team OOOUT!!!!!

  • No one was good today

  • Disgraceful

    • @G SQUADRON That's just ridiculous mate😂. There was absolutely no way we'd win 3-0 no matter how bad Liverpool have been

    • You'd do better? It's Liverpool

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  • I have seen enough of our coach

    • We missed him Xhaka saka and ESR. I don't know why it took martinelli to come on late. Anyway I remember those days perhaps it's time that we accept we mediocre team and relax. No more trusting the process.

    • @Solomzi Fobo Xhaka was injured. Don't you remember the beatings we got from Liverpool during the Wenger and Emery days? The Emery 5-1 was more embarrassing.

    • Arteta is totally out of his depth

    • It's how we lose though and he is very static on his approach. We needed runners n holders today xhaka martinelli. Very static playing from the back on a high press the score doesn't reflect how dreadful that was. It was painful

    • Wow it’s almost like Arteta is the first person to lose to Klopp 😳 you guys are honestly morons

  • Dreadful we needed xhaka and martinelli

  • Ødegaard wasn't good today

  • Stupid Club and players that don't feel for the fans,

    • @G SQUADRON but at least give as hope,let us believe in them,everyday individual errors,No any good sign of progress

    • @G SQUADRON am sick of that everyday Saying trust the process

    • Stfu