OPEN MIC | Granit Xhaka | Sheffield Utd vs Arsenal (0-3) | Compilation

تم نشره في 2021/04/13
Hear the sounds of the game from our latest episode of Open Mic, which focuses on Granit Xhaka during our 0-3 victory over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.
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  • Lol kroenke out

  • now we not have anything !

  • The best jersey.


  • Impressed me this season granit, well done mate

  • Martinelli playing same line with Xhaka has to be very focused 😁

  • This is the reason why he was captain at borussia monchengladbach


  • xhaka jago bahasa inggris

  • I love this content👍🏻

  • me having to search up who bobby is then realizing 😂 🤡

  • Give him the armband when we play Emery’s Villarreal

  • I miss when fans shouting 'shoot' at xhaka.

  • how can you not love this dude

  • Real Captain for Arsenal🥰

  • The Man Captain!👍 COYG

  • I personally think that Arsenal should give back the captaincy to Granit Xhaka I've liked his presence in the team since he got here his given us a bit of strength/steel in the midfield. And you can see the passion he has for the club likewise Dani Ceballos is really passionate about the club I can see it every time we score a goal. I really hope this team does well....

  • Commander!

  • Our captain behind the scene

  • Our capt!!

  • These open mics are making me fall in love with the players more. Its also funny how no one calls Bukayo Saka by his name, they all have little nicknames for him😂

  • Manager material actually

  • Who is bobby?

  • I think xhaka thrives in a no fan scenario. But it's how he handles criticism and turmoil whilst in the spotlight

  • Who is Bobby?

  • Next : gabriel

  • Who's bobby by the way?

  • and when he's not playing we get torn apart

  • "I dont want you here!" LOL 😁

  • That why he is loved by every coach never benched a true leader

  • My Player of the Year : Xhaka

  • I love him

  • I never thought I would actually say this, lol but FK...give him the armband back.

  • Laca wears the armband of captaincy and he is silent as Xhaka shows leadership

  • Coach plis

  • I’m loving this Xhaka left back. If only he played right back...

  • He's now my favourite player. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Mic check laca please🙏

  • Xhaka says we don't go back. Excellent and forever my captain.

  • xhaka really love gabi

  • Big up granit! Big up the team!

  • This guy is our captain

  • The real leader xhaka

  • He's the man👊🏽

  • A wonderful player, I love him this season!

  • Player of the season

  • This guy has evolved really well

  • If Xhaka dont make wrongs, so i think he is Captain

  • Who Bobby ?

  • You don't need the armband to be a leader

  • Great 👌👍 great xaka

  • Wow! Xhaka, I have always rated you. It’s just that some of our fans want you to play like Ronaldo and Messi. You are a great leader on and off the pitch that why you country recognize that and made you the captain of your national team. Arsenal fan must understand that xhaka does more work than Pogba in Man Utd.

  • Didn't need to be micD up when he told the fans to fk off

  • Stay high! !

  • Imagine we had 3 more characters like that playing

  • Doesn't matter whose voice we hear on every Open Mic session, I believe the guys handling Arsenal's Social Media pages ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! This doesn't get talked about a lot. Y'all are the REAL MASTER STRATEGISTS! Unending contents from all sides.

  • Gabi it's offside No?

  • It is time to give xhaka the arm band back, let us move on and stop playing games. The dude is emotional, hence his reaction in the past, but don't get it twisted, arsenal players will follow this guy.

  • Who the f is Bobby?

  • He's the actual captain. The rest are pseudo

  • The pipes on this guy ❤️ the engine

  • Opinion from the one who is not the fan of him, but now i have changed my mind. Speaking of his football skill, I still say he doesnt have much of it. But speaking of football brain, I do believe he has a lot now. I think he has the same position as Arteta when he played for us as CDM. I think Arteta teach him a lot about football brain, of how to play better and simpler. So you can see now he play very easy, he position himself really good. And I starting to like him more, but still hope we have new number 8 or 6 if we want to compete for a major title.

  • Bobby who?

  • Our captain

  • Xhaka can easily pursue a career in management.

  • My left back yeah!

  • My Captain👍

  • When he said "we don't go back" its the most important thing to make sure his team doesn't feel comfort with 1 or 2 goal

  • 5:46 very funny thomas partey congratulated to himself for the world class pass 😂

  • a great leader in making...

  • 0:31 xhaka speaking spanish to partey i think.

  • Slavia 0-4 Arsenal, hahaha... Bravo Gunners

  • Xkaka is like the annoyingly older brother to martinelli

  • Wonderfull player for us 🤙

  • give back xhaka captain again

  • Stay stay stay? How about leave you donkey, Chelsea got kante for less money 🤣 Compare Tierney and Odegaard open mics, way more leadership in those two, can't believe or understand the love fest for this guy.

    • Imagine being so jobless in life that you actually "compare" open mics. Get out of your basement and live a real life.

  • Thai is our captain

  • Earning that armband back and a vital part of this team

  • he's showing his true class. he rarely makes mistakes anymore. he stops giving away cheap freekick. and when he didn't play like when they face liverpool, it's obvious that something important was missing. he's one of the most important if not the most important player in the team right now

  • Open mic MO

  • Laca : i really need to go right EVERYONE : LACA LEFT !!

  • Please show me an open mic for one of our many embarrassing defeats this season. Arsenal 0 - Aston Villa 3 would be great

  • captain band is worth !

  • Xhaka: stay ! Stay! stay! stay! stay ! *Also xhaka: you're too close to me All these comments commending him as the leader by the same people who was calling for him to be gone. Fickle

  • Great leadership out there

  • I stay believe in him as a captain Auba doesn't have these characteristics

  • This is football guys He's a leader

  • Yeah cool, that's all good still needs to be sold in the summer, there's a reason why no club has come in for him outside of Hertha Berlin a team sitting one position above the relegation zone, not even a midtable team in Germany. The only other link was Inter when they were desperate to get rid of Erikson and he has kicked on now so there goes that option. Xhaka needs to go and take Bellerin, Luiz, Holding, Kolasinac, Dani, Willian, Eddie, Lacca, Nelson (for whatever reason doesn't seem to be in Arteta's plan), AMN, Runarsson, and Willock we need to be ruthless all these players are useless we a literally hoping we can beat Slavia Prague in the freaking Europa league, I don't know any Arsenal fans who are actually confident we can win it and that says it all about the current state of us and how far we have fallen. If we don't win the Europa league Arteta needs to go to, he has done worse than Emery and Wenger, I remember the days when we were actually complaining at Wenger for finishing 4th and the state of the club now.

  • Xhaka calling Holding “Bobby” is so cute

  • Xhaka,mantepe pool

  • Real captain

  • I enjoy these so much

  • 👏😘😘

  • Only Arsenal fans could still support this dead footballer who once used the curse word against fans and threw the captain armband to the ground. Him being our best mid right now just shows how low the standards have fallen . No wonder we haven't qualified for UCL since he's been here. Most errors leading to goal by any outfield player since 2016. Even this season he has cost us 2 games against Burnley. And dont forget the error vs Brighton in 2018/19 which prevented us from getting top 4. Him along with dead players like Holding, Elneny, Chambers, Ceballos, Bellerin all should be binned and is part of the reason why we are 9th in the league. All these fans have been brainwashed by the club's and players' PR and forget the multiple matches this player has cost us over the last 5 years. Accepting mediocre players like him because he shouts on the pitch in a win against 20th placed sheffield which should be routine anyway is why we are in this state. Thierry Henry our club's biggest legend turns off the TV when he saw Xhaka captaining the club. What more proof do you want? Don't let PR brainwash you, stop accepting mediocrity and keep demanding.

  • This guy is the crucial part of our squad. He organises and stabilises our team.

  • We now have the two best Left Backs in the league😂😂

  • lesgo granit🔥

  • El captaine❤️

  • Auba wears the armband on game day but that’s my captain